Thursday, March 6, 2014

Momtrepenuers and the wild wild west of Sippy Cups

Moms creating content is the trend to watch! As one of the Momtrepenuers taking the lessons from the home front and turning into product I can tell you this is the wild wild west with a sippy cup. Sticky Pigs came out of the fires of the Ipad craze. Not the one that hit the country but the one that hit our home. When me and the other moms discovered our children were born to drag and drop. Quietly. That they are products not only of the playground but the tech ground. Sticky Pigs is the evolution of me buying hundreds of apps and games and then wishing. Wishing for more. Wishing it was fun for both of us. That every member of that family could get something out of our gaming experience. By every member I mean from Grandma to my Youngest Lunabella who is two. I will not be telling you Grandmas age as she will hunt me down and kill me.
So now I have a gaming studio and a team of talented people working with me. We are getting ready to take our game app Sticky Pigs to GDC and Indygogo for crowd sourcing. I find I am ready for this. Sure I have a degree and sure I have experience as a professional in the art world. But here I find the fact I have had three kids naturally, two at home, is the strength I draw from. I know I can do anything. I have survived the super puking flu multiple times. I have lost kids and found kids. Faced Boo Boos and teacher conferences about all  kinds of issues that were talked about in quotations.  Being judged is not scary. Success is not scary. Facing suits is not scary. The only thing I worry about is my kids looking at me and seeing an example they can be proud of. The woman's movement was about choices. The choice to work or stay at home with a family. The moms movement is about not having to choose. I am a mom and I made a game. This is sticky pigs the most fun you can have getting dirty. As every mom knows all  fun has a bit of Mud attached.